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Founded in Dallas, Texas in March, 2010 by

Calvin Collins.


About Us

PoweredByCMG (CMG) is a one-stop, all-inclusive Management & Label Services Corporation dedicated to working with Musicians, Actors, Athletes, and other entertainment professionals. Established in early 2010 in Dallas, Texas, CMG has solidified a very strong position within the industry in a very short time. Not only does CMG have a strong presence in the Texas market but has began to expand in the LA and NYC markets.

We provide very specialized services that are tailored to each and every client's goals and needs.

The goal for CMG is to be a premier entertainment  company that is highly respected because of our organization, structure, adaptability, and the results we provide our clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission & Motto is very simple; "Elevate, Expand, and Excel". We provide services that ELEVATE our clients careers by Talent Development, Talent Management, and Talent Exposure. We provide services that EXPAND our client's careers by researching the market, understanding the market, tailoring our clients strengths based on the market, and building strong relationships within the market. We provide services that EXCEL our client's careers by providing a very structured pathway and with successful implementation and execution of the two aforementioned components, our clients now can observe the demand for their talents within the industry exponentially increase.

Simply put, CMG is a team of bright individuals that are dedicated to the success of each and every client. Many companies promise the sky, but at CMG we focus on raising the bar & achieving measurable results.

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